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Therese is a textile artist and maker, creating one-of-a-kind items to wear, and unique interiors for the home.

"My desire to create is stimulated by my daily walks in the landscape, finding inspiration in the rich colours, texture and pattern that surround me. 

My passion for textiles was ignited early, hand knitting at my mother's knee and teenage years making my own clothes.

After a long and satisfying career as a Healthcare Professional, I returned to education, gaining a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice, at Northern College of Art, Hartlepool.

Currently, I use natural dyes extensively in my work, extracting colour with dye plants from my garden, the hedgerows and food waste. Working with plant dyes is a slow and unpredictable process, no two dye baths are the same, which I find exciting and challenging at the same time! Gathering gorse flowers in early spring, umbels of feathery fennel in summer, and wind fallen lichen in late autumn, provides me a wonderfully, close connection to nature and rhythms of the seasons.

My hand crafted textiles are created from many exploratory samples, using my drawings and photographs of the landscape. Some of these samples I develop further, become my finished pieces, and are sold at selected UK galleries.

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