Therese Johnson, artist, maker and natural dyer, combines traditional textile craft with contemporary design, creating a range of individually designed wearable items. and beautiful pieces to keep.

Therese graduated with a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice, Northern School of Art in 2012.

"My desire to create is stimulated by the natural landscape, finding inspiration in texture, form and surface. This can be many things; the detailed markings on beach stones, pattern on the bark of a tree, or the delicacy of lichen against black granite rock.

Alongside my passion for textiles, I am passionate about natural dyes, harvesting plants, berries and weeds to extract their natural colours. Using dye plants from my garden and foraging from hedgerows, provides me a close connection to nature and the rhythms of the seasons.

I work intuitively and spontaneously, adding layers of dye to cloth and wool. It is a slow and unpredictable process, no two dye baths are ever the same. Indeed, this is what attracts me and the subtle beauty of the colours and prints obtained, makes time spent both satisfying and worthwhile.

My collection of individually designed scarves, uses natural dyes, hand printing, with hand knit and crochet. Each textile piece I create is a record of a walk in the natural landscape, embedding the richness of colour and print, with hand crocheted and hand knitted abstract forms"

Scarves and other handcrafted pieces, are available to purchase from the online shop.

Therese is happy to make items to commission, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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